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Before contacing BBMpins, please ensure you have read the list of Frequently Asked Questions below:

I am having an issue with site functionality
BBMpins is designed to work in modern browser, we do not support older version of browsers, older version of Internet Explorer in particular. If you are experienceing issues with site functionality, please first upgrade your browser.

Somebody has created a profile using my pin
Sometimes users will input the wrong pin when creating their profile. If this has happened to you, please ensure that firstly, you know your BBM pin before contacting us. Secondly, that you are certain that the BBM requests you are getting are originating from your pin being on this website. Thirdly, if possible, please supply us with details of the user profile which is using your pin before contacting us.

I am receiving spam messages
While we take every effort to prevent spam messages and content being sent through the website, we cannot prevent 100% of spam. There is no need to contact us if you have received one or two spam messages, simply delete the messages, and most importantly, do not reply to the spammers! If you are receiving a large amount of spam, feel free to contact us.

I would like to close my account
To close you BBMpins account, simply login, click on the settings link from the top menu, select close my account from the options, and follow instructions. We will not manually close your account for you, so please do not use the contact form for this.

If you have read the FAQ above and still would like to contact us, click here

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